Your personality has a huge influence on your life, but clearly and objectively assessing yourself is painfully difficult without the right tools.

Most online personality "tests" have little or no scientific basis, use outdated techniques, or give you fluffy and useless feedback.

TraitLab's mission is to provide high quality, scientific personality assessments and clear, research-based feedback to help individuals, partners, and teams become more self-aware.

How TraitLab works


Choose an area of interest, and Traitlab asks several simple questions designed to measure the most relevant psychological dimensions


TraitLab then compares and calibrates your unique set of answers against thousands of participants from personality research studies to generate your unique personality profile


TraitLab shows how your personality influences your relationships, goals, values, and interests, and how you compare with friends, family, or other important groups.

Meet the real you

  • Improve self-awareness with a clear descriptions of your unique blend of traits, values, and interests
  • Find new connections between your personality and your health, habits, relationships, career, and happiness
  • Uncover social patterns as you learn what you have in common, or what sets you apart, from the people and groups that matter to you

How TraitLab is different

  • Every assessment is developed with peer-reviewed scientific research
  • Every result can be easily traced back to the original scientific source
  • Easily share your results with anyone, or keep them private
  • Compare your personality with anyone else you know on TraitLab
  • Learn how your personality fits into larger groups, like your family, friends, or industry
  • Get a comprehensive picture of your personality, from your core traits to your interests and values

About me

Gp hs

Hi! I'm Greg Park.

After over ten years of research in the field of personality psychology, I was tired of seeing the best tools for self-discovery hidden away in academic journals.

I made TraitLab so anyone with an interest in personality could access the same research-quality methods I would use to learn about myself.

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