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It's time to find yourself

Improve your self-awareness through personality science.

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How it works

TraitLab uses decades of research to create unique personality profiles.

No two are the same.

Answer simple questions
Our assessments are based on standardized, targeted questions that have been answered by millions of people.
See your profile
TraitLab uses your pattern of responses to build your unique profile, describing your personality from multiple perspectives.
Share and compare
Compare your personality to anyone else on TraitLab for deeper insight on your similarities and differences. Or keep your results all to yourself.

Discover your superpowers

TraitLab Plus analyzes how your unique personality is connected to several important areas of life, helping you identify new areas for focus or growth.

Career interests
Learn the types of work that match your personality, and explore a wide range of potentially fulfilling career paths.
Interpersonal style
Get insight into your style of communicating and interacting with others, including your interpersonal strengths and challenges.
Personal values
Gain clarity with a deep analysis of your personal values, helping you align your decisions and behaviors with what truly matters to you.
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