If you've ever taken a personality test online, you've probably been skeptical about the results.

You should be skeptical. Unfortunately, most online "personality tests" are just entertainment and have no real scientific basis. Academic researchers have designed and refined very reliable methods for measuring personality, but these methods are not easily available outside of the research world.

TraitLab's mission is to change that by bringing you state-of-the-art, scientific personality tests with meaningful, easy-to-understand results, so you can benefit from decades of personality research and discover how your personality influences countless aspects of your life.

Measure your personality with TraitLab to:

  • Improve self-awareness by seeing a clearer picture of your unique set of strengths, values, and potential areas for growth
  • Find new connections between your personality and your health, habits, relationships, career, and happiness
  • Uncover social patterns as you learn what you have in common, or what sets you apart, from the people and groups that matter to you

How TraitLab is different:

  • Every question and measurement has been used in peer-reviewed scientific research
  • Every result can be easily traced back to the original scientific source
  • Easily share your results with anyone, or keep them private
  • Compare your personality with anyone else you know on TraitLab
  • Learn how your personality fits into larger groups, like your family, friends, or industry
  • Get a comprehensive picture of your personality, from your core traits to your interests and values

About me

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Hi! I'm Greg Park.

I'm a quantitative psychologist (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; former research scientist at University of Pennsylvania) who spent over 10 years studying and publishing research on personality before starting TraitLab.

TraitLab brings everything I've learned about personality, measurement, and happiness into one place.

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