Increase your self-awareness

Discover your unique blend of traits, values, and interests with scientific personality assessments

Your personality shapes many important areas of your life:
your interests, motivations, relationships, and career.

To see yourself clearly and objectively, you need the right tools.

TraitLab gives you scientific personality assessments and research-based feedback to help you be more self-aware.

How TraitLab works


Choose an area of interest, and Traitlab asks several simple questions to measure the most relevant psychological dimensions


TraitLab calibrates your responses against thousands of participants from published research studies to build your personality profile


TraitLab guides you through your results and the possible influences on your relationships, interests, values, and goals.

How TraitLab is different

  • Keep your results private or easily share them with anyone
  • Analyze the similarity and differences between you and others
  • Create private comparison groups for friends, family, and teams
  • Learn which words best describe your unique blend of personality traits
  • See how you rank on a wide variety of psychological dimensions
  • Easily trace any result back to the original scientific source

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