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Introducing TraitLab Plus

Discover your complete personality in 45 dimensions

Most assessments try to describe you with a few traits or a single personality type.

With TraitLab's advanced trait assessment, you'll get precision estimates of 45 personality dimensions. So not only will you see how introverted or extraverted you are, but you'll learn what your unique expression of introversion or extraversion looks like.

A screenshot of subtraits of Extraversion from the advanced personality trait analysis.

Go beyond simple personality types

Many assessments only focus on a narrow sliver of personality. Why limit yourself to just one way of understanding yourself?

TraitLab combines multiple approaches to personality — the Big Five, 16 Personality Types, the Enneagram, Strengths, and Interests — so you can connect these different perspectives and see the bigger picture.

Recognize your social patterns

Your personality shapes your relationships, communication style, and handling of interpersonal conflicts.

With TraitLab's Interpersonal Style analysis, you'll understand the interpersonal patterns associated with your personality so you can spot them in action.

A screenshot of TraitLab's interpersonal style analysis results.

Discover your natural superpowers

Typical assessments ignore the powerful set of character strengths created by your unique blend of personality traits.

TraitLab's Strengths Profile includes detailed descriptions of your individual strengths and practical tips on exercising them in daily life, so you can lean into what you do best.

Find the perfect career fit

Stop wondering and worrying whether you are headed down the wrong career path.

With TraitLab's Career Interests and Career Search, you'll finally understand your your unique blend of interests and see how they match up with over 700 occupational paths.

A screenshot of an interest comparison from TraitLab's Career Search.

Unmatched precision and reliability

Many assessments are too short to be reliable, and unreliable measurements can create even more confusion.

TraitLab combines hundreds of data points to build an accurate, precise, and reliable 108-point personality profile.

Real Results

See why people love TraitLab Plus

“The details in TraitLab Plus are fascinating and have helped me on my journey of self-knowledge.”


“I found the details in TraitLab Plus provided insight beyond the MBTI.”


“Out of all of the personality sites that I've seen, TraitLab is the most accurate one.”


“Very thorough examination and easy to understand. Personally, I appreciated the career insights. They helped me understand why some paths would work and others wouldn't. Great work!”


“Engaging and educational content with a steady stream of insights.”


“My results were accurate and I think I learned a lot about myself.”

Ted F.

“I love the user design and the depth of the whole TraitLab platform.”


Frequently asked questions

How is TraitLab Plus different from other personality assessments?

Most assessments have a narrow focus on a single aspect of your personality.

TraitLab combines multiple approaches to give you a complete picture of yourself, then makes it easy to see how your results relate to important life areas.

What's included in TraitLab Plus?

TraitLab Plus includes a detailed personality trait analysis, interpersonal style analysis, strengths profile, career interest profile, and career search and matching.

Is TraitLab Plus right for me?

Would you invest about an hour or two to better understand yourself? Do you care about scientific validity, accuracy, and reliability? Do you like to get into details and data?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you'll probably love TraitLab. I made it for people looking for a detailed, comprehensive picture of their personality, strengths, and interests, backed by scientific research.

And if you try TraitLab Plus and decide it's not what you were looking for, no worries! Just email within seven days and let me know to receive a full refund.

How long is the TraitLab Plus assessment?

The full assessment can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on how quickly you answer the questions. However, you can always save your progress and take the assessment across several sittings.

Can I retake the TraitLab Plus assessment?

Yes! With TraitLab Plus, you can reset your profile and results anytime from your account settings.

Who made TraitLab?

TraitLab was created by me, Greg Park. Hi!

Before starting TraitLab, I spent years publishing research findings as a Ph.D. and postdoctoral researcher in personality and psychological measurement. I've always been fascinated by the field of personality psychology and how it can help us understand ourselves and each other.

I made TraitLab to make it easier for you to find reliable, valid, and scientifically-supported personality assessments.

I have an invite code. How do I use it to get TraitLab Plus?

Sign up here with your invite code: Redeem your invite code.

Or, if you already have a free TraitLab account, you'll see an option to enter your invite code when you upgrade your account.

How can I purchase TraitLab Plus for someone else?

With your free account, you can purchase invite codes for clients, teammates, and anyone else you think might benefit from TraitLab.

Visit the Invites section, where you can send invite codes to others, see when they've been redeemed, and collaborate on assessment results.

Can I share my TraitLab Plus results with someone else?

Absolutely! If you want to share and compare your results with anyone, you can simply share your public profile.

For example, here's my own public profile here at TraitLab.

I have a question about ...

I'm always updating TraitLab to make it more useful and interesting. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you're not happy with TraitLab Plus, contact us within 7 days of your purchase and get a full refund.

Upgrade to TraitLab Plus

Explore your personality, interests, and strengths with the comprehensive analyses in TraitLab Plus.

What's included

  • Personality trait analysis (45+ traits)

  • Interpersonal style analysis

  • Strengths profile

  • Career interests analysis

  • Career search (700+ occupations)

  • 16 Personality Typology

  • Enneagram Typology

  • Unlimited re-assessments

  • Custom username and profile link

  • Early access to new features

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