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16 Personality Types Test

Your TraitLab Plus results include your similarity to each of the types from the "16 Personality Types" or "Jungian" typology. Personality types from this typology are described by a four-letter name, such as INFJ, ESTP, and so on.

An chart showing the 16 personality types framework, including INFJ (Introverted, Intuiting, Feeling, Judging) and ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving).

Frequently asked 16 Personality Types questions

What is the 16 Personality typology?

The 16 Personality Types or Jungian models of personality share a loose connection to Carl Jung’s theories. These theories claim that people differ in their preferred cognitive functions, and these preferences lead to 16 distinct personality types.

What are the 16 Personality types?

The 16 Personality types are:

Click on any personality type to learn more about its characteristic patterns, personality traits, interpersonal style, career interests, and more.

How is the 16 Personality typology related to other personality models?

The 16 Personality types have several connections with other personality models, such as the Enneagram and the Big Five personality traits. You can read more about many of the connections between personality models at the TraitLab blog.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll receive a comprehensive personality profile, including your similarity to all 16 Personality types, your relative position on related cognitive functions, and an in-depth report of your personality traits, strengths, and career interests.