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Which personality type is most like you?

See how you compare to all 16 personality types with the unique typology assessment in TraitLab Plus.

An chart showing the 16 personality types framework, including INFJ (Introverted, Intuiting, Feeling, Judging) and ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving).

What is your "true" personality type?

Personality types are a popular way to describe yourself, but most personality type assessments are very misleading.

While some people are described well by a single personality type, most people fall somewhere between multiple types.

This is one reason why popular personality type assessments feel inaccurate to many people.

In fact, a valid, reliable assessment should show your similarity to all 16 personality types.

That's why TraitLab Plus calculates your unique typology profile, showing how your unique personality compares to 16 personality types.

Examples of actual type profiles from TraitLab Plus:

Examples of 16 personality typology profiles from TraitLab Plus.
Every personality can be described as a unique blend of all 16 types. Rather than just giving you a single type, your TraitLab Plus results include your similarity to all 16 personality types.

How does it work?

First, you'll answer a carefully selected set of questions. Your answers help TraitLab understand your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving across different situations.

Next, TraitLab compares your answers to millions of responses and builds a highly detailed, unique personality profile.

Then, your profile is compared to thousands of examples of each personality type, and TraitLab estimates your similarity to every type.

Lastly, you can learn more about each type from TraitLab's extensive library of personality articles and compare your typology results to several personality models included in TraitLab Plus.

Examples of attitude and orientiation profiles from TraitLab Plus.
Your TraitLab Plus results include your unique combination of the four preferences behind the 16 personality types.

TraitLab's 16 Personality Type analysis is an excellent fit for:

  • Typology Enthusiasts who want to refine their understanding of personality type and connect it to other models
  • Couples who want to compare their personality types, find common ground, and identify possible sources of tension
  • Coaches who wish to provide their clients with a robust personality analysis

Does my personality type change over time?

People grow and change with experience, so their personality type may shift gradually over time, too. With TraitLab Plus, you can reassess yourself monthly to track any changes in your type or other personality aspects.

How does my personality type compare to other assessments?

Your personality type is just one way of describing your personality. TraitLab Plus includes several personality assessments, such as:

  • Personality trait analysis
  • Enneagram Type analysis
  • Interpersonal style analysis
  • Strengths profile
  • Career interest profile
  • Career matches

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With the comprehensive results in TraitLab Plus, you're bound to learn something new about yourself.

In fact, if you don't have at least one "A-ha!" moment — one new insight about yourself and your personality within 7 days of your purchase — you'll get a full refund.

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