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Introducing: Comparisons

Compare your personality with anyone else's with TraitLab's Comparisons

Reading time: 2 minutes

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How similar is your personality to your closest friend’s?

What are the biggest personality differences between you and your partner or teammate?

To help answer questions like these, try TraitLab’s Comparisons feature, exclusive to TraitLab Plus.

How Comparisons Work

You can create a new comparison with any TraitLab Plus user right from your dashboard. Look for this input below, and enter their username:

An image of the Comparisons username input on the TraitLab dashboard
Add a new comparison from your TraitLab dashboard

Your comparison results start off with your Personality Similarity score: a single number that captures the overall similarity between two personalities.

For example, I’ll create a comparison between myself and gordon-97.

Our Personality Similarity score is 19, which means we are unusually different from each other.

An image of a personality similarity analysis from TraitLab's Comparisons
An example of a Personality Similarity estimate

OK, but how different is that, really?

If you compare millions of pairs of random individuals, some pairs will be very different from each other, some will be very similar, and most will be somewhere in between.

A score of 19 means that we are more similar to each other than only 19% of all pairs of people. Put differently, we are less similar than 81% of all pairs.

Alright, so gordon-97 and I are very different from each other, but in what ways?

To learn more about specific differences and similarities, you can zoom in on each personality trait to see how you and someone else match up. You’ll also find a short summary of how these differences can surface in everyday life.

An image of Extraversion differences from TraitLab's Comparisons
An example of differences in Extraversion

Comparisons are only available in TraitLab Plus.

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