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Enneagram Test

Your TraitLab Plus results include your similarity to all nine Enneagram personality types and your closest Enneagram wing subtype.

An Enneagram chart showing the nine personality types and their titles

Frequently asked Enneagram questions

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a popular model of personality centered on nine different types. According to most Enneagram practitioners, each type has characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, sometimes called passions, fears, or fixations.

Learn more at What is the Enneagram?

What are the nine Enneagram types?

The nine Enneagram types are:

Click on any personality type to learn more about its characteristic patterns, traits, wings, and more.

How is the Enneagram related to other personality models?

The nine Enneagram types have several connections with other personality models, such as the 16 Personality types and the Big Five personality traits. You can read more about many of the connections between personality models at the TraitLab blog.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll receive a comprehensive personality profile, including your similarity to all nine Enneagram types, your Enneagram wing subtypes, and an in-depth report of your personality traits, strengths, and career interests.