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Do you know your greatest strengths?

Learn about your unique set of personal superpowers with the comprehensive Strengths Profile in TraitLab Plus

How it works

Answer simple questions

TraitLab learns about you with standardized questions, answered by millions of people.

Your progress is always saved, so you can answer at whatever pace works for you.

Understand your personality

TraitLab compares your responses to multiple samples and published research to analyze your personality from multiple perspectives.

This foundational personality profile is a key ingredient to understanding your unique strengths.

An in-progress example of a personality profile in TraitLab

Explore your strengths profile

With your Strengths Profile in TraitLab Plus, you'll learn about your unique combination of 24 strengths.

Strengths are the positive qualities you tend to use when you are at your best.

Dive into every strength

Get a complete picture of every strength with deeply detailed summaries.

Dive deep into fascinating details about all 24 strengths.

Example of strength details

Level up your strengths

Learn practical tips and exercises to practice each strength in everyday life.

Explore how each strength connects to other personality traits and real-world outcomes.

TraitLab's Strengths Profile is great for:

  • Job Seekers who want to describe themselves in terms of broad strengths, in addition to job skills
  • Career Changers looking for a better understanding of what strengths they bring to a new career path
  • Couples who want to learn about their different strengths and find common ground
  • Career Coaches who want to highlight their clients' unique strengths

Will my strengths change over time?

As people gain life experience and overcome challenges, certain strengths may become more or less prominent. With TraitLab Plus, you can reassess yourself monthly to track your strengths over time, along with any other aspect of your personality.

How are strengths related to my personality?

As part of your Strengths Profile results, you'll learn how individual strengths are related to various personality traits and other psychological concepts.

Your Strengths Profile is just one of several results included in TraitLab Plus, along with:

  • Personality trait analysis
  • 16 Personality Type analysis
  • Enneagram Type analysis
  • Interpersonal style analysis
  • Career interest profile
  • Career matches

Real Results

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“My results were accurate and I think I learned a lot about myself.”

Ted F.

“I love the user design and the depth of the whole TraitLab platform.”


Insights Guaranteed

With the comprehensive results in TraitLab Plus, you're bound to learn something new about yourself.

In fact, if you don't have at least one "A-ha!" moment — one new insight about yourself and your personality within 7 days of your purchase — you'll get a full refund.

Start building your strengths profile

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