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Discover every teammate's hidden superpowers

Learn about each teammate's unique personality, strengths, and interests with TraitLab Pro.

How it works

See your whole team at a glance

Easily add, view, and compare team members. Build customized assessments to focus on personality, strengths, career interests.

Both you and your team members receive beautiful, detailed reports for you to review together and share insights.

A screenshot of the clients dashboard in TraitLab Pro

Backed by research

Your team answers simple, standardized questions from well-established assessments, tested by millions of other people.

TraitLab makes it easy to use valid, reliable, and insightful personality assessments.

Deep personality insights

TraitLab gives every team member an incredibly detailed description of their personality, including personality traits and predictions of popular typologies, such as the 16 Personality Types and the Enneagram.

This approach gives your team multiple perspectives on each member's personality, so you can find the shared vocabulary that works best for everyone.

An in-progress example of a personality profile in TraitLab

See every teammate's strengths

TraitLab's Strengths Profile highlights how each teammate works at their very best.

The Strength Profile shows the top strengths of every teammate, and teammates are free to explore and learn about all 24 strengths and tips for using them in everyday life.

Clarify individual working styles

TraitLab's Career Interest Profile gives each teammate insight into which aspects of their work fit their natural working style.

Every teammate's unique combination of interests helps explain why some tasks come easily and other tasks are more personally challenging.

An example of a career interests profile in TraitLab

5 out of 5 stars

“What I love most about TraitLab is that it understands that personality is complex. I have taken several other personality tests, but I felt that they were very surface level, and I didn’t fit any of the results I received. TraitLab is so comprehensive that I feel like I can really trust the results — it gave me what I was looking for, which is truth and accuracy. I felt like the test really understood who I was. And I really enjoyed looking at the careers too — I definitely wish I had TraitLab as a resource when I was in college.”

G. N.
TraitLab Plus customer

5 out of 5 stars

“Compared to every other test I've taken, I'd say that TraitLab is my favorite one. Mostly for its comprehensiveness, its ease of use, the fact that it's really well thought-out ... I feel like it comes from a genuine, research-oriented perspective.”

Luke H.
TraitLab Plus customer

5 out of 5 stars

“I love the different personality classifications TraitLab provides, from scientific models to more philosophical ones or those frameworks most popular in industry. I also love the level of detail on the Big Five results, the well-explained descriptions, and the intuitive data visualisations. Overall, it’s the most comprehensive, accurate, and data-driven online tool I've ever seen.”

M. T.
TraitLab Plus customer

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