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TraitLab Pro

With TraitLab Pro, you can easily add powerful personality assessments to your process, whether you're a coach, manager, or matchmaker.

A screenshot of the clients dashboard in TraitLab Pro
TraitLab Pro helps you quickly gather and organize personality insights so you can focus on what you do best. Easily add clients or team members, then view and compare personalities, strengths, interests, and more.
A screenshot of a new client invitation in TraitLab Pro
With TraitLab Pro, you can easily invite new clients or team members to take a customized assessment and share their results.

What's in TraitLab Pro?

  • Comprehensive personality assessments Get the power of TraitLab's incredibly detailed assessments for insights into personality traits, typology, strengths, interests, and interpersonal style.
  • Customizable assessments Pick and choose which aspects are most useful for you and your client or team. Only care about strengths? No problem. Choose a strengths-only assessment, or combine multiple aspects to get just the insights you need.
  • Shared personal profiles When an assessment is finished, you and your client or team member immediately receive a detailed personal profile packed with practical explanations and clear visualizations of the results.
  • That one feature you really need Join the waitlist to get early access, provide critical feedback, and help shape TraitLab Pro into your favorite new tool.

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