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Personality Wordcloud

This free tool creates your unique personality wordcloud — a visualization of up to 100 words describing your unique personality dimensions.

Below, you'll find about 100 statements about you.

Think about how well each statement describe you in general. When thinking about each statement, consider how you usually are, in most situations, compared to most people.

For example, if the statement is "I worry a lot", consider whether you usually worry a lot, in most situations, compared to most people.

I listen to my conscience.
I put little time and effort into my work.
I cheat to get ahead.
I like to take it easy.
I am easy to satisfy.
I stumble over my words.
I take no time for others.
I have a low opinion of myself.
I have a sharp tongue.
I talk to a lot of different people at parties.
I avoid crowds.
I trust what people say.
I handle tasks smoothly.
I turn plans into actions.
I only feel comfortable with friends.
I like to visit new places.
I like to take my time.
I sympathize with the homeless.
I know how to get around the rules.
I do the opposite of what is asked.
I do not like art.
I warm up quickly to others.
I rarely complain.
I yell at people.
I get stressed out easily.
I can't stand confrontations.
I seek to influence others.
I break my promises.
I never splurge.
I know the answers to many questions.
I believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
I often make last-minute plans.
I am not easily bothered by things.
I enjoy thinking about things.
I am not easily amused.
I laugh aloud.
I can handle complex problems.
I easily resist temptations.
I look down on others.
I feel that I'm unable to deal with things.
I believe that people are essentially evil.
I love life.
I am a creature of habit.
I pretend to be concerned for others.
I value cooperation over competition.
I prefer variety to routine.
I don't worry about things that have already happened.
I act without thinking.
I often feel uncomfortable around others.
I insult people.
I feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.
I become overwhelmed by events.
I go straight for the goal.
I try to follow the rules.
I love excitement.
I try not to think about the needy.
I am not really interested in others.
I have a good word for everyone.
I never spend more than I can afford.
I spend time reflecting on things.
I don't see the consequences of things.
I have a high opinion of myself.
I react quickly.
I have difficulty imagining things.
I amuse my friends.
I rarely get irritated.
I enjoy being part of a group.
I enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
I let things proceed at their own pace.
I leave a mess in my room.
I contradict others.
I get caught up in my problems.
I like to stand during the national anthem.
I am not interested in theoretical discussions.
I waste my time.
I wait for others to lead the way.
I act comfortably with others.
I cheer people up.
I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I am not easily disturbed by events.
I have little to say.
I am not interested in abstract ideas.
I need a push to get started.
I experience very few emotional highs and lows.
I don't understand things.
I get others to do my duties.
I dislike being the center of attention.
I feel desperate.
I can't stand weak people.
I keep in the background.
I worry about things.
I dislike changes.
I rush into things.
I carry out my plans.
I seldom joke around.
I set high standards for myself and others.
I turn my back on others.
I like order.
I anticipate the needs of others.
I enjoy being part of a loud crowd.

Finally, please tell us a little more about you and your background.





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