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About TraitLab


I'm Greg, creator of TraitLab.

I had my first experience with modern personality tests as a PhD student studying psychometrics. My results created a huge "a-ha!" moment of personal insight and major turning point in my life.

As I reflected on the results, I noticed how they related to several aspects of my life that weren't working out as I'd expected. And I realized that some of my perceived weaknesses were actually strengths.

I wanted even more insights about my personality, but the world of personality testing was overwhelming and confusing. There were so many competing tests, theories, and "experts," and I couldn't decide which was best.

So, I relied on my training and did my own research.

I spent hundreds of hours combing through published scientific articles. I searched for the most reliable, research-backed assessments. I studied how these assessments connected to important areas of life, like career, relationships, health, and well-being. And I combined them into one powerful platform: TraitLab.

I've learned that I'm not alone. Since I made it publicly available, TraitLab has helped thousands of people learn more about their personalities.

What is TraitLab?

TraitLab provides research-based assessments of personality, strengths, interests, and other important dimensions of individuality. TraitLab was founded in 2020 and is based in Ohio, U.S.A. One of TraitLab's primary goals is to improve awareness of personality science.

Who created TraitLab?

TraitLab was created by Greg Park — that's me! 👋

I earned a PhD in psychology (focused on quantitative methods) from Vanderbilt University, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center, and authored or co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed studies in scientific journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Personality, and Psychological Science.

What does TraitLab offer?

The TraitLab blog provides over 100 articles about personality science, based on published scientific research and TraitLab's internal data.

People looking for an easy way to learn about personality will enjoy the TraitLab newsletter which provides short, regular emails with tiny insights from personality science.

Lastly, for a comprehensive assessment of personality, strengths, and interests, and how they connect to important life areas, anyone can purchase an upgrade to TraitLab Plus.

Every TraitLab Plus account includes the following:

  • Comprehensive trait analysis (45+ personality traits)
  • Personality typologies (16 personality types + Enneagram)
  • Strengths profile (your 24 strengths ranked + practical tips)
  • Career interests analysis (your working style and preferences)
  • Career matching and comparisons (how you match with 700+ career paths)
  • Ability to reset/retake assessment at anytime
  • Public profile with custom username/link (for easy sharing)

Who can use TraitLab?

TraitLab is an excellent fit for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, including:

  • Individuals with a passion for personality and personal development
  • Recent graduates comparing potential career paths
  • Couples who want to improve their understanding of each other
  • Mid-career professionals considering a career change

TraitLab also enables leaders and coaches to purchase assessments for others and review them together. This is perfect for:

  • Career coaches who help clients see their strengths and career interests
  • Team leaders who want to enhance their team's empathy and interpersonal skills
  • Relationship coaches who help clients understand their personality and interpersonal style

How much does TraitLab cost?

TraitLab Plus costs $49 for a single account, with discounted prices for bulk purchases of three or more accounts.

TraitLab also offers generous discounts for students and non-profit organizations. Contact greg@traitlab.com to learn more.

How can I get started with TraitLab?

You can start building your personality profile right now by creating a free account here at TraitLab. You'll need to upgrade to a paid account to view your results.

If you're not ready to upgrade and would like to learn more about personality, check out the TraitLab blog or subscribe to the free TraitLab newsletter.