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Articles > ENFP and Enneagram Types

ENFP and Enneagram Types

How often are ENFPs categorized as each of the nine Enneagram types?

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How do ENFPs overlap with the nine Enneagram types?

The chart below shows how often ENFPs are classified as each Enneagram type, based on the data collected by TraitLab from thousands of participants.

Chart of ENFPs percentages across nine Enneagram types
Each bar shows the estimated proportion of ENFPs classified as each of the nine Enneagram types.

How to identify your Enneagram type

Two ENFPs can still vary significantly on some personality dimensions, which is why two ENFPs may differ in their Enneagram type.

To see which of the nine Enneagram types is most similar to you, try TraitLab’s free Enneagram test.

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ENFP Compatibility with Other Enneagram Types

For comparisons between ENFPs and other Enneagram types, visit any of the type pairings below:

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