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Consent and Participation Policy


You are participating in an assessment of personality structure and its correlates. The primary goal of this assessment is to improve understanding of how individual differences in personality influence several areas of life. A secondary goal of this project to raise awareness of scientific approaches to measuring and describing personality differences. Your answers to these questions will be compared to those of other participants in this same project and to those of participants from past research projects with similar questions.

The assessment results are based on your answers, and these results do not contain medical, clinical, or otherwise sensitive or secret information about you. The results are dependent on the number of questions that you answer, your interpretation of the questions, and how your answers compare to those of other people. Like all measurements, the results are sensitive to different types of errors, and the results may not perfectly agree with other measures of similar personality dimensions. If you do not read the instructions or do not answer the questions carefully, the results may not be accurate. If you attempt to manipulate your results by answering the questions in a specific way, then the results will not be accurate. If your results seem highly unusual or unbelievable to you or to other people that know you well, then the assessment results may not be accurate.

For any questions about the underlying theory or background research used in this assessment, please contact TraitLab using the contact form.


As a participant, you will be asked several questions about yourself. Many of the questions are from the International Personality Item Pool, but some questions are from other sources or generated as part of this research project.

Answering these questions will take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on how many questions you choose to answer. There is no time limit, and the speed at which you answer the questions will not influence your results. Most questions will require an answer in order to calculate your results, but you may stop your participation at any time.

After submitting your answers, you will be presented with a short report of your results. These results include your relative position on several personality dimensions, as well as other information about you based on your predicted personality dimensions.


Your results are confidential, or only viewable by you, unless you share your username or public profile.

If you share your username or your public profile with someone, they will be able to view a portion of your results in your public profile. Any person that knows your username will be able to view a portion of your results through your public profile.

If you choose to register for an account, you must provide an email address. This email address will also be kept confidential, but as email addresses may be identifying information, your results may no longer be anonymous.

This project uses temporary cookies to improve your experience while using the website, but no tracking techniques are used after you leave the website.

Data Sharing

TraitLab does not sell or trade data with third-party organizations. The general findings from this project may be used for educational purposes and for research, publications, or presentations at scientific meetings.

Risks, Costs, and Benefits

Participating in this project does not bring any substantive risks.

Participation in this project may take several minutes of your time and attention, but it is otherwise free of charge. You will not receive any money or compensation for your participation in this project.

You may find the process of participating in this project and reading your results to be interesting and useful. By participating in this project, you may also benefit the broader scientific understanding of personality.


You always have the alternative not to participate in this project. Your participation in this project is completely voluntary. You may stop participating and leave the project website at any time.

Contact and Questions

You may direct any questions about this project to Gregory Park (greg@traitlab.com).