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Why choose TraitLab vs the DiSC Profile?

The DiSC and DiSC Profile assessments describe individuals as a blend of four personality profiles — dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness — which originated from a 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People by William Moulton Marston. This model eventually became the foundation of the modern DiSC assessment published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc, and the DiSC assessment is prevalent mainly in corporate settings. However, neither the DiSC assessment nor the underlying DiSC theory appears in modern scientific research on personality.

TraitLab uses a combination of well-established models from modern personality science to describe your personality traits, career interests, social interaction style, and character strengths. Unlike the DiSC, TraitLab provides a science-based, comprehensive view of your personality that extends beyond workplace behavior.

Get the complete picture

Individuals are complex. TraitLab uses measures over 80 different dimensions to identify your combination of personality traits, career interests, interpersonal style, and character strengths.

While millions of people share similar DiSC profiles, your TraitLab results are unique to you.

Discover untapped strengths

TraitLab identifies your top character strengths, then suggests ways to leverage these strengths in your daily life.

Unlike the DiSC, TraitLab goes beyond a general personality description, translating it into more practical character strengths that you can exercise in professional and personal contexts.

Unlike the DiSC profile assessment, TraitLab highlights your unique set of character strengths which you can use inside and outside of the workplace.

Consider unexpected career paths

DiSC profile assessments broadly describe your personality, but they do not provide any insight into how your personality and interests align with other occupations or career paths.

TraitLab allows you to easily explore how your personality profile compares with hundreds of occupations. These comparisons can reveal varying strengths and challenges across occupations, so you can better understand the trade-offs and opportunities behind different career paths.

Identify your interpersonal style

DiSC profiles, such as dominance or stability, broadly describe a person's way of interacting with other people. TraitLab takes this to a new level of detail with a dedicated analysis of your characteristic interpersonal style.

TraitLab interpersonal style analysis describes your natural tendencies when navigating social interactions, conflicts, compromises, and your style's typical opportunities and challenges.

The interpersonal style analysis in TraitLab describes your social interaction patterns in more detail than the DiSC profile types of dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness.

TraitLab Plus

Get crystal clear about your unique strengths.

Find Your Career Edge

Uncover your untapped personal strengths to level up in your current career, or get recommendations for surprising new career paths that fit your unique profile.

Clarify Your Strengths

Ground yourself with a deep analysis of your personal strengths, and learn how to exercise them in everyday life.

Spot Relationship Patterns

How is your personality influencing your most important connections? Learn to recognize how your characteristic interpersonal style impacts your social interactions.

Unique Personality Insights

Most assessments label you with a simple type, missing the important details that make a big impact. TraitLab analyzes over 80 dimensions so your results are one-of-a-kind, just like you.

It's time to find yourself

Improve your self-awareness through personality science.

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