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What is your pattern of dealing with other people?

Learn about your typical style of interacting, communicating, and handling conflict with other people with the Interpersonal Style analysis in TraitLab Plus.

Examples of interpersonal style results from TraitLab Plus

Are you trying to get along or get ahead?

Your personality greatly impacts how you interact, communicate, and handle conflict with other people.

Some people typically put themselves first and use others to achieve their goals.

Other people tend to put themselves last and focus on pleasing everyone around them.

Some people thrive on leading other people, while others actively seek solitude and distance from others.

These patterns are rooted in fundamental personality traits, each with advantages and disadvantages.

What is your pattern?

By learning your pattern, you'll be one step ahead.

You'll be able to recognize the next time you are about to repeat one of your characteristic behaviors.

You'll also start to spot these patterns in other people, too.

Your Interpersonal Style analysis in TraitLab Plus clearly describes your interpersonal patterns and how they influence your relationships.

How does it work?

First, you'll answer a carefully selected set of questions. Your answers help TraitLab understand your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving across different interpersonal situations.

Next, TraitLab compares your answers to millions of responses and builds an extensive profile of your personality traits.

Then, your unique blend of personality traits is translated to your interpersonal style. Your results show your typical style and several details about how that style influences your interactions with others.

TraitLab's Interpersonal Style analysis is an excellent fit for:

  • Personality Enthusiasts who want to know how their traits or type results impact relationships
  • Couples who want to compare their interpersonal style, find common ground, and understand each other better
  • Coaches looking to give their clients a simple description of their typical pattern of dealing with others

Does my interpersonal style change over time?

As your personality traits shift as you grow and gain experience, so will your pattern of handling relationships and conflict. With TraitLab Plus, you'll be able to reassess yourself monthly to track any changes in your interpersonal style, traits, or any other personality aspects.

How does the Interpersonal Style analysis compare to other assessments?

Your Interpersonal Style results are closely connected to your personality traits. TraitLab Plus includes a comprehensive analysis of 45 personality traits, along with several other reports, including:

  • Personality Traits analysis
  • Enneagram Type analysis
  • 16 Personality Types analysis
  • Interpersonal Style analysis
  • Strengths profile
  • Career interest profile
  • Career matches

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