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MBTI alternative

How does TraitLab compare to "16 personality types" tests?

Most people have used some version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or a "16 Personality Types" test before trying TraitLab.

People who switch to TraitLab want a more science-based, modern approach to personality.

TraitLab combines several approaches to understanding personality, giving you a comprehensive picture of your traits, communication style, career interests, and strengths.

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“I found the details in TraitLab Plus provided insights beyond the MBTI.”

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How is TraitLab Plus different from the MBTI or a 16 Personality Types test?

Most "16 Personality Types" tests, including the MBTI, try to find one type to describe your personality. Your results from these tests typically include a single personality type and content (readings, videos, etc.) about that personality type.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll see how similar you are to all 16 types, plus much more.

An example of personality results showing similarities across all 16 personality types
Your TraitLab Plus results include your similarity to all 16 personality types

Seeing your similarity to all 16 types helps explain why two people who share the same "top type" can differ significantly. Often, people with the same "top type" have dramatically different blends of underlying traits, and these differences are apparent when comparing their similarities to all 16 types.

For deeper insights, TraitLab Plus also shows your position on the four dimensions behind the 16 Personality typology:

  • Extraversion-Introversion
  • Sensing-Intuition
  • Thinking-Feeling
  • Judging-Perceiving
An example of the four dimensions underlying the 16 personality types
Your TraitLab Plus results include your unique combination of the four preferences behind the 16 personality types

What else can you learn with TraitLab Plus?

Go beyond simple personality types

The MBTI and other 16 Personality Types tests label you as an "introvert" or "extravert."

But, modern personality research shows that the dimension of Introversion/Extraversion is far more complex than most "personality type" tests suggest.

It turns out that Introversion/Extraversion is more like a collection of many more specific traits, like Assertiveness, Enthusiasm, and more.

A diagram of the subtraits that make up Introversion and Extraversion
TraitLab Plus includes every component of Introversion and Extraversion

Why does this matter? Two people may have similar levels of Extraversion (or Introversion) but have entirely different blends of these more specific traits.

One introverted person may be passive but very friendly, while another may be assertive and aloof around others.

Personality tests that just label these two people as "introverts" miss these essential details.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll see a detailed analysis of your position on every aspect of Introversion/Extroversion and many other personality traits.

A screenshot of a personality trait result from TraitLab Plus
Your personality trait results in TraitLab Plus include 45 dimensions that describe your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Discover your Strengths

Two people with the same MBTI or 16 Personality type often have different strengths, because personality and strengths are two very different aspects of your individuality.

Your personality describes your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, while your strengths describe the positive qualities you use when you are at your best.

Most "personality type" tests confuse the differences between these two areas, but TraitLab Plus includes separate analyses of your personality and your unique strengths.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll get a personalized Strengths Profile, including your ranking of 24 strengths, detailed background about each strength, and tips on how to use them in everyday life.

A screenshot of a Strengths Profile from TraitLab Plus
Your Strengths Profile includes your personalized ranking of 24 strengths

Clearly understand your Career Interests

You'll want to know more than just a personality type when comparing different career options.

Why? Personality types miss an essential part of career fit: interests.

Your interests describe your preferences for certain activities, and everyone has a unique combination of interests.

For example, some people prefer working quietly with their hands, tools, and machinery. Others love engaging with and teaching people. Still, others seek careers that provide adventure and a sense of risk.

Personality types are too broad to capture differences in interests. Two people with the same personality type will likely have very different interests.

As a result, personality types are often too broad to match you with different kinds of careers.

TraitLab Plus gives you a comprehensive view of your unique personality traits and interests.

An example of a career interest comparison in TraitLab Plus
See how your set of interests compares to 700 career paths with TraitLab Plus

With the Career Search in TraitLab Plus, you'll find a personalized set of career matches based on your personality profile.

A screenshot of a personalized career search in TraitLab Plus
Browse hundreds of career paths based on your individual match, typical salary, educational requirements, and more with the Career Search in TraitLab Plus

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