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What words describe your personality?

See up to 100 words that describe your unique blend of personality traits with your Personality Wordcloud in TraitLab Plus.

A wordcloud visualization showing up to 100 words describing a personality.
Every person has a unique personality wordcloud. How does yours look?

How would you describe yourself?

It's a common question in job interviews and first dates, but many people can't answer it without using the same boring words everyone else uses.

Finding the right words that capture your unique blend of personality traits, is surprisingly hard.

How does it work?

TraitLab's Personality Wordcloud gives you up to 100 words uniquely describing you. Bigger words describe your most prominent features, while smaller words capture more subtle aspects of your personality.

Your Personality Wordcloud builds as you answer questions in the TraitLab Plus assessment. As you answer more questions, your wordcloud becomes more accurate.

The Personality Wordcloud is perfect for:

  • Job seekers who need help describing their personal strengths and working style.
  • Self-improvers who want to sharpen their introspection and understand their personality at a deeper level.
  • Couples who wish to explore their personality similarities and differences.
  • Coaches who want a simple, powerful way to portray a client's personality.

But my personality changes over time!

Of course, people grow and change over time, and their wordclouds should reflect that. That's why TraitLab Plus includes monthly reassessments, so you can always have the most up-to-date results.

There's more to my personality than just these words.

Absolutely! The Personality Wordcloud is just one of many perspectives on personality included in TraitLab Plus, such as:

  • Personality trait analysis
  • Personality typologies (16 Personality and Enneagram)
  • Strengths profile
  • Career interests analysis
  • Interpersonal style analysis

Real Results

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Ted F.

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Insights Guaranteed

With the comprehensive results in TraitLab Plus, you're bound to learn something new about yourself.

In fact, if you don't have at least one "A-ha!" moment — one new insight about yourself and your personality within 7 days of your purchase — you'll get a full refund.

Start building your wordcloud now

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