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Unlock a comprehensive assessment of your personality traits, strengths, career interests, and more.

Get deep insights into the patterns impacting your habits, passions, relationships, and working style.

TraitLab combines several approaches to build a comprehensive assessment of your personality traits, interests, and a unique strengths profile.

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What's in TraitLab Plus?

Unlock 45 new dimensions

Upgrade to TraitLab Plus to dramatically increase the detail of your personality assessment.

Get a comprehensive picture of the traits underlying your thinking, feeling, and behaving.

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Discover your superpowers

Your Strengths profile identifies your top strengths and helps you use them.

For each strength, you can learn about research findings, related concepts, and practical tips.

Explore new career paths

Compare your personality profile and working preferences with hundreds of occupations.

See your current job in a new light, or discover a completely new career path.

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Identify your working style

Learn how your combination of interests impacts your preferences for different types of work.

Finally make sense of which areas are naturally energizing and interesting to you, and which are boring and exhausting.

What people are saying about TraitLab Plus

The details available are fascinating and have helped me on my journey of self-knowledge.

- K. R.

Engaging and educational content, simple UI, and a steady stream of insights.

- J.

I found the details of the facets provided insights beyond MBTI.

- K. S.

Very thorough examination. I appreciate the career insights. Helps me understand why some paths would work and some wouldn't ... Great work!

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Upgrade to TraitLab Plus

Explore your personality, interests, and strengths with the comprehensive analyses in TraitLab Plus.

What's included

  • 45 foundational personality traits

  • Career interests analysis

  • Career matching and comparisons (700+)

  • Refresh option to reset all scores

  • Custom username and profile link

  • Early access to new features

  • Strengths profile

  • Pre-order of Interpersonal analysis

Explore your personality in fantastic detail

TraitLab Plus takes your personality assessment to a whole new level by unlocking 45 foundational personality traits, going far beyond the basic Big Five dimensions.

Each Big Five dimension is a collection of several narrower, more specific traits. For example, the Extraversion (or Introversion) dimension breaks down into Enthusiasm, Assertiveness, and six other dimesions:

A diagram of the specific dimensions within Introversion or Extraversion

Why does this matter? Two people may have similar overall levels of Extraversion (or Introversion) but differ significantly on these more specific traits.

One introverted person may be highly passive but enthusiastic in social situations, while another may be insistent but aloof around others. Labeling these two people as just "introverts" greatly oversimplifies their true personality.

With your Plus upgrade, you'll see all of these details on every Big Five dimension.

Discover your superpowers with your Strengths profile

Strengths are the positive qualities you lean on when you are at your best. You have your own unique combinations of strengths, based on your underlying personality dimensions and life experiences.

Your profile contains your personal ranking across 24 strengths, from most used to least used. For each strength, you'll find additional details that help you connect the strength to other psychological concepts and personality dimensions. You'll also find a practical tip for using this strength in everyday life.

Make sense of your career options

With the Career Interests and Career Search features, you can use your personality results to compare over 700 potential career paths.

After seeing an overview of your unique set of career interests, you can sort through all paths by how well they fit your interests, typical salary, and educational requirements.

Find a career option that sounds interesting? See how your interests match up with that particular career, then dive into a deeply detailed description of that career's daily activities, psychological demands, projected job openings, important skills, and more.

You'll likely see your current position in a whole new light, or discover some entirely new paths.

Risk-free refund policy

I started TraitLab because I believe that everyone can benefit from a clearer understanding of their personality and greater awareness of modern personality research.

If you upgrade and aren't satisfied with your purchase within 7 days, no worries! Just send an email to (that's me!) and let me know why, and I'll refund your purchase in full.

It's time to see the real you. Upgrade to TraitLab Plus.